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Help the doggies!

Passing along...
Please consider doing the same.

"Do you need a dog: Dairyland Greyhound Racetrack, Kenosha, WI closing on Dec. 31, 2009. 900 Greyhounds need adopting, or will be euthanized. Great family dogs. They have been crated most of their lives and sleep ~18 hours a day. Dogs are tested for cat, small dog friendly and multiple dog homes. Please CROSS POST, we only have 6 weeks. P: 312.559.0887 Or Dairyland Race Track Adoption Center at (262) 612-8256"


So it's been coming up in conversation (seemingly everywhere!) how people feel about bisexuality.
Frank discussion ahead.Collapse )
Be honest.
NO FLAME-WARS, intelligent and respectful debate ONLY. No petty insults. Respect each other's opinions, but feel free to discuss them and offer opposing viewpoints.

I'd particularly like to hear from non-bi people on my f-list, straight or gay.

My FL friends: Anyone need a car? Help!

Since I've moved up to DC, I have no need for my car.

As much as I LOVE the car (LOVE), it's just not needed anymore and at this point, it's costing me money to keep paying for the insurance on it.

Also, I'm going to be going back to school, and I'd like to have some money put away for tuition to start off with.

So, it's with a mechanic friend of mine in Pinellas county who is trying to help me sell it.

It's a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant ES with airbags, ABS, power steering, under 80k miles, blue paint job, and in IMPECCABLE mechanical condition. It drives like a dream, HIGHLY reliable, great gas mileage, practically new tires, recently received routine upkeep service (oil change, etc) and really fun to drive too. Even the factory-installed stereo kicks ass.

Seriously, this is a great ride and I hate to let it go.

I'm willing to let it go for $4500 OBO (less than the current Kelly Blue Book value) and if you message me, I will put you in touch with my friend to take a look at it and make a deal.

Thanks, and please pass it on to anyone who you think might be interested.


Anyone know where to find a satin/silk/jacquard/brocade human-sized collar online?
Or perhaps where to have a custom one made?

Seems like if one doesn't want leather, vinyl, rubber, or metal, you're shit outta luck. :P

(Did I mention that I lack all but the most basic of sewing skills?)

So... hi!

I exist!

And not even in the most tenuous of senses.

For reals, even!

I've been absent from LJ-land for quite awhile, but there's good reason, I promise.

Needless to say, I left Florida in mid-June. I am now in northern Virginia, about a half hour from DC, staying with my folks.

It's a reaaaaaaaaaaaally long story, but I do promise to fill in the blanks within the next day or two in a friends-only entry.

With cuts. Lots of 'em.

But all is well... better than it has been in years, in fact, and I am very glad to be back.

I am sorry for everything I might've missed in your LJs in the meantime.
So... anyone still around... how're you?

Dance geekery.

Ok, it's a small silly thing, but something that really pleased me.

I was thrilled to discover while just playing around today that I can FINALLY do a layback (like a standing backbend) better, achieving a nice clean 90 degree angle.

And then I discovered that I COULD bring my arms up and then back without losing my balance or wavering at all.

And then I discovered that I could pull myself back up slowly and gracefully using just my abs to do it, and it looked good and not at all awkward.


I discovered that I could easily descend to my knees while still holding the bend in my back and without compromising the positioning of my arms.

Baby steps, man. Baby steps.



These pants, which I just got.


.... Good pants.