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"Life should sparkle and rush, burn with fire, hot like melting steel...

... like freeze-burn from a comet." - Jeff Buckley

22 August 1981
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I'm a female writer/stage combat performer/musician/sex workers' rights activist/general artsy nutjob masquerading during the day as a help-desk monkey and Photoshop weasel for an adult industry website.

The interests list should tell you plenty about me. ;) New LJ friends are always welcome... If you want to add me, simply comment on my most recent post and ask. Also, many posts about my personal life are f-locked or filtered, so if you want to be added to filters, ask.

"fremen_dancer's LJ...It's better than t.v.!" - Gwenhwyfar Lynn

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80's music, alice in wonderland, anime, art bell, arthur rimbaud, astrology, astronomy, bdsm, beauty, bellydance, bettie page, bisexuality, biting, blades, bob anderson, bob marley, body modification, bohemians, brian froud, btvs, burlesque, cabaret, cheesecake photography, christian dior poison, chuck palahniuk, classical fencing, clive barker, clothing design, comics, conspiracy theories, corsets, costume design, creative writing, danny elfman, dave mckean, debauchery, digital art, documentaries, ebay, ebm, elitism, elves, erotica, evil, experimentation, fae, fantasy, faux fur, femdomme, ferrets, fetish, fight club, fine art, fire dancing, freaks, freakshows, freedom of speech, ghosts, glam, gothic music, grotesque, hair extensions, hedonism, henry rollins, history, horror, horror movies, hr giger, illusionists, independent film, industrial music, intensity, interactive theater, invader zim, japanese food, jeff buckley, jhonen vasquez, joel-peter witkin, jthm, kink, leather, leonard cohen, lips, love, makeout sessions, making magick, martial arts, massage, modeling, modern primitivism, mythology, neil gaiman, new wave, nighttime, opera, paganism, pansexual, paranormal, passion, performance art, perversion, pervery, phobias, photography, pinup art, pirates, platform boots, poetry, poi, polyamory, pop culture, prince, psychobilly, psychology, punk rock, pyromania, rain, renaissance faires, revolution, rockabilly, roleplaying games, sci-fi, serial killers, sex, sexuality, silent film, silver, sindarin, singing, sociology, stage combat, sushi, swing music, swords, tattoos, the 1940's, theater, thunderstorms, tim burton, tolkien, torture, travel, vargas girls, velvet goldmine, video games, vintage, vinyl, weaponry, willworking, your mom